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Articles about Arduino

Here is summarize articles written for Arduino.

Sorry for delay of translation update. I need to enrich contents first. Please understand.


Try these if you can’t use sample sketch on this site.

Compile error 1:function order

Try this first.

Compile error 2:#include library

Error by including library(2017/4/30)

Conditional expression

Explaining about conditional expressions and branch instructions used in if statements. #

Arduino IDE

These are customization tips on IDE application which will make you easy when handling Arduino.

Preferences file

About “Preferences” file of Arduino IDE.

Customized New project

How to customize “new file”.


Libraries for Arduino. Yet, I’m developing study…


Chattering avoidance library for switches. You can get not only avoidance of chatter, but also status “pushing for a long time”, “released”, “released after long pushing”. Max 8 switches are available.(26/6/2017)

Sketch TIPS

Information on sketching in Arduino

About Hexadecimal

Document about understanding Hexadecimal. #

Loss time on Serial.print

Loss time on ‘Serial.print’ communication. #

Stablilized AnalogRead

Efficient method to read ‘AnalogRead’.

Avoiding from chatter of switch

Method of avoiding from switch chatter just by a sketch.

Avoiding from chatter of switch part 2

Method of avoiding from switch chatter just by a sketch.

Reading rotary encoder precisel Part 1

Method for solving difficulty of reading “click-type” rotary encoder.

Reading rotary encoder precisely Part 2

Reading “non-click-type” rotary encoder with Hi-Resolution. (21/4/2017)

Reading rotary encoder precisely Part 3

About “Dual Encoder”. This sketch let you possible to use click and non-click type without “AttachInterrupt”. (22/10/2017)

Using Joystick on Arduino

how to use cheap joystick. #

Using Multifunction switch

Description about small 3-contact switch and its sample sketch. #

Send value from Serial Monitor

I wrote a sketch that throws numbers from IDE ‘s serial monitor. #

Using EEPROM Library

how to use EEPROM library. #

Utility sketch for EEPROM

utility sketch for EEPROM. #

Using program memory

I tried program memory function on Arduino. #

“IR code capture”. Operating Arduino with home electronics remote control

Instead of a tact switch, I tried to write a sketch that Arduino can respond with a remote control. #


Products prototyped on this site.


Motorized follow focus system for DSLR camera.

Knight Rider LED

Reproduction of the knight rider illumination motion by LED.

Full color LED

Controlling RGB full color LED by variable resistor.


Simple shooting game by just a switch.


Transmitting MIDI message by ‘Software Serial’.

Use motor driver

I tried use DC motor driver with high resolution rotary encoder.(20/6/2017)

Nikon remote release by Arduino

Control Nikon DSLR shutter by IR LED.(4/7/2017)

Using IR Remote

Wireless communication by IR Remote library.(8/10/2017)

Control wired remote release for nikon DSLR

Control wired remote shutter of Nikon DSLR with Arduino. #


How to use ‘u8glib’ and devices

How to use u8glib part 1

Explanation for use sample sketch.

How to use u8glib Part 2

Explanation to draw graphics.

How to use u8glib part 3

Explanation to draw characters and values.

How to use u8glib Part 4

etc… #

Using HiLetgo OLED -I2C-

To use cheaper OLED. #

Using HiLetgo OLED -SPI-

To use cheaper OLED. #


How to use TOCOS TWE-LITE.

Monitoring of TWE-LITE UART.

Receive UART message by Arduino. #


Sending UART message from ‘TWE-LITE’ RX. #

Control TWE-LITE pins with Arduino

You can control TWE-LITE pin status by UART message. #


I has been Struggled by ESP WROOM-32 board which has cheaper, faster and more function.

My first “Hello World” with ESP WROOM-32

Article about struggling by first step of ESP32 modules. #


Articles about other electronic work.

Cheap Arduino compatible

Trying to use Arduino UNO compatible. #

Cheap Arduino compatible 2

Trying to use Arduino Micro compatible. #


Introducing cheap breadboards. #

repairing home appliance remote control

Repair home electronics remote control by oneself. #