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Fritzing : customized parts

I had been used Adobe illustrator for blueprints and wiring circuits, because I am accustomed to use it.

Those illust has good look. But electronically, I had to check the connections by myself. It’s so tough. So, I tried ‘Designspark’ or some. But those were so many functions, and so difficult for me to master. Although it’s very rational, I will need very long time to be mastered. I have given up.

But one day, I met ‘Fritzing’. This is very simple and easy for me. I can design trotopype by drag and connecting lines. And those design could links to graphic of wiring circuit. I don’t know every functions of ‘Fritzing’, but I am very indebted to.

One thing I have discontent, is there are not much parts icon which I have.

I found that I can make customized parts by SVG.

Yeah, I tried to make my own parts on ‘Fritzing’.

Editing new parts on ‘Fritzing’ was hard because it has many bugs in editing mode. And I don’t know much about electric parts specification. So maybe there are something strange in parts. But if you don’t care, please use these customized parts.

2 thoughts on “Fritzing : customized parts”

  1. Parts作成ありがとうございます。

    1. コメントありがとうございます。

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