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Using rotary encoder part 1 : attachInterrupt

If you want to control the value step by step with Arduino, it is a quick way to ‘analogRead’ using a variable resistor. 、But, Continue reading Using rotary encoder part 1 : attachInterrupt

Release 2016.12.1 / Update 2017.6.26

Chattering avoidance by programming : part 2

I wrote a article about  using MIDI by ‘Software Serial’. In this article, I also mentioned to how to ‘avoiding switches chatter’. This is new version of the method in old article. But for someone who never interested in MIDI, I write this method in this article again. Continue reading Chattering avoidance by programming : part 2

Release 2016.11.26 / Update 2019.1.20

make MIDI device by Arduino

There was no environment that can be finished compose all in one computer When I started it. Everybody depended on MIDI which is very very useful. Continue reading make MIDI device by Arduino

Release 2016.11.3 / Update 2019.1.10

Camera stabilizer movie

This is a video using China-made camera stabilizer that I bought a few years ago. These shots are old, but I think that can be seen performance judgment. I think it is not a commodity to be recommended in conclusion. But it works. At first, I thought to have failed, because it does not take at all well. But you need a lot of practice. It’s just same as training of musical instruments. And this rule applies to all balancing type stabilizer.

This video may be little long, but you can see how I went on improve operating. The camera stabilizer is so difficult to operate panning or tilting. But you will be improve your operating by training like this, I think.   Incidentally, this video was shot by Flycam Nano.

Ordinary, I shot the video as sample for SIGMA 8-16mm lens. But it is a good match for wide-angle lens and camera stabilizer. I want to use real steadicam someday.


Release 2016.10.22 / Update 2016.10.23

Watch シリコンバレー Online | Stream on Hulu

【Huluプレミア/シーズン3 (全10話) 毎週土曜 新エピソード追加】今のシリコンバレーはハイテク黄金時代。ここでは、成功する素質を一番持ち合わせている人物ほど、実は一番成功の扱い方を知らないのだ。HBOと、「リストラ・マン」や「ビーバス&バットヘッド」でおなじみの型破りなクリエーター、マイク・ジャッジが贈る新しいコメディシリーズ。新興ハイテク会社と、それを儲かる大企業に押し上げようと奮闘するオタクな若者たちのクレイジーな世界を描く。エピソードごとに、内気なプログラマーのリチャードは徐々に成功への階段を上っていく。リチャードは親友ビッグヘッド、気取り屋のギルフォイル、皮肉屋のディネシュの4人とともに、ドットコム事業で大金持ちになり自己満足に浸っているアーリックの家に住まわせてもらっている。家賃はタダ…だが、プロジェクトの収益の10%をアーリックに献上することが条件だ。リチャードのキャリアは行き詰っていたが、ある日突然彼のウェブサイトのユニークな検索アルゴリズムが入札戦争の真っただ中に置かれることに。主な出演者はトーマス・ミドルディッチ、ジョッシュ・ブレナー、T・J・ミラー、ザック・ウッズ、クメイル・ナンジアニ、マーティン・スター、クリストファー・エヴァン・ウェルチ、アマンダ・クルー。

情報源: Watch シリコンバレー Online | Stream on Hulu

Release 2016.10.2 / Update 2017.12.27

Reproducing Knight Rider LED with Arduino.

“Knight Rider” is a drama which I was looking keen in old days. In this article, I am going to imitate illuminations of the lamp on “Knight 2000”, with arduino. Continue reading Reproducing Knight Rider LED with Arduino.

Release 2016.9.28 / Update 2017.8.11

Bridal music

I made a new bridal music for my friend who has married in Ho Chi Minh City. It was so difficult for me to make 10 minutes music along the wedding video. But there are so many layers, like famous classical music, like world music, and electric dance music. It is very interesting song.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Use OLED with “u8glib” : part 3

This article is about how to draw texts and values on screen. Continue reading Use OLED with “u8glib” : part 3

Release 2016.9.3 / Update 2017.6.18

Use OLED with “u8glib” : part 2

I wrote article about how to run “u8glib” sample sketch previously.

Continue reading Use OLED with “u8glib” : part 2