Release 2017.11.15

Add new function on「B2CS」library

A new function “ReadOnce” was added to the chattering avoidance library “B2CS”. I think it makes you easy to judge a push.

「B2CS」library for Arduino

Release 2017.10.22 / Update 2018.9.25

Using rotary encoder part 3 : “Dual Encoder”

I have been struggled in part 1 and part 2 to read rotary encoder precisely. In this article, I wrote a new sketch for encoder combining those two wisdom.

I called it “Dual Encoder”. Continue reading Using rotary encoder part 3 : “Dual Encoder”

Release 2017.10.8 / Update 2018.5.26

Using IR Remote

Previously, I tried to control DSLR’s shutter with IR. This time, I’m going to use “IR Remote” library which is available on Arduino IDE. This library is very useful and easy.

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Release 2017.6.26 / Update 2018.4.30


“ゲージ判定”を使ったチャタリング回避ライブラリを作ってみました。Arduino用です。 Continue reading 「B2CS」Arduino用自作ライブラリプログラミングでチャタリング回避

Release 2017.5.31 / Update 2019.1.21

快適 アルカスイス互換

映像用三脚のクイックシュー(リリース)は規格がバラバラです。同じメーカー内であれば、ある程度統一されていますが、競合同士で互換を持っていることは、ほぼありません。特に耐荷重が5kg以下程度のタイプは、 Continue reading 快適 アルカスイス互換

Release 2017.5.20 / Update 2017.6.19

TIPS for finding bugs

You may unforcely fail to right code sometimes when you modify it. If the sketch isn’t long, it doesn’t matter. But the more big project makes it more difficult to find the bug.

On this article, I show you how I find it. These are TIPS for finding bugs when compile is OK.

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