Release 2017.5.14 / Update 2017.6.18

Sakura 2017

I made “sakura” short movie of this year and you can watch it on Youtube. It will heal you from exhausted daily stress!

Watch in 1080p HD.

It’s very cinematic by slow motion. One caution, this movie has lost image details by Youtube low bitrate, Sorry. It could be nice more if it were as original file. Maybe, too much color correction for Youtube bitrate, I think.


In 2017, from March 27th to April 15th, totally couple of days

Shooting equipments

  • Nikon D5300
  • Libec ALLEX S KIT
  • Lens
    • SIGMA 18-35mm F1.8
    • SIGMA 24-105mm F4
    • TOKINA 11-16mm F2.8
    • SIGMA 30mm F1.4 EX
    • SIGMA 150-500mm F5-6.3

EDIT・Color Correction

  • EDIUS 6.0


This music is my improvisation play on digital piano.

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