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“Shooter” game on Arduino

I have explained about “How to avoid from chattering by a programming” in my article, and I made a game sketch as sample. I was allowed to further develop it. Continue reading “Shooter” game on Arduino

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(日本語) 浜松餃子 喜慕里

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小さい頃から好きな餃子店「喜慕里」へ。 Continue reading (日本語) 浜松餃子 喜慕里

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Avoiding from chattering by a programming

Lighting LED is your first task with the Arduino. Then you use a switch for the next step, don’t you?

Continue reading Avoiding from chattering by a programming

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I ate “Katsu-don” in Nearby Soba shop “Sarashina”. It’s my favorite since I was eating  it for the first time here. I was told to my parents “Go to a cram school” and I got a replacement condition saying “Let me eat ‘Katsu-don’ every week here”. There are so many restaurants that are delicious in Japan, but here is the “Katsu-don” origins for me.